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Valencia Jacobs-Brown
Valencia Jacobs-Brown

Valencia “Val” Jacobs-Brown’s passion for real estate stemmed from her recognizing the noticeable lack of diversity when it comes to first-time home buyers, especially within the African American community. She sought to bring change by assisting her peers and family members around her, through educating them on the process of purchasing a home. Val’s interest in real estate also grew after working in residential lending. As a single parent, working in real estate gave her the flexibility and freedom to make her own schedule.

Val’s favorite part of the business is helping her clients receive the keys to their new homes confidently. Helping individuals achieve their dream of owning their first property is truly a rewarding experience for her. When it comes to listing, Val confidently brings to the table her expertise and mentorship to help her clients secure great results.

Val received her AA from Roxbury Community College in Social Science. Her prior experience working in the banking field has allowed her to see and understand the perspective of the borrower. She learned the importance of credit and the impact it has on the initial stages of buying a home, which now she heavily emphasizes when it comes to consulting with her clients. This knowledge and strong work ethic aid in her ability to properly coach and prepare her clients, so that they can invest in a prosperous future.

Active in her community, Val is a proud member of the GBAR Rental Committee, Savvy Chicks in Real Estate, and was a Home Loan Closer for Meetinghouse Bank. Currently, Val is working with first-time home sellers primarily in the South Shore & Greater Boston areas, to take the next step in building generational wealth. She strives to help her clients cash out on gains, upgrade their homes, and reinvest funds into creating the foundation for their future. Val’s hobbies include spending time with her family, doing self-care activities, watching movies with her son Phoenix, and working out.

Enhancing the Lives of Families Through Real Estate”-Valencia Jacobs-Brown

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